Registrations will remain open until September, Monday 9th at 10:20pm ET


The pool is a “Survivor Pool” format. Each week you select one NFL team to win the game. There’s no point spreads. If you win, you continue picking next week. You’re eliminated from the pool if your team loses. The last player(s) remaining will collect or share the pot.


  1. You can’t pick the same team twice.
  2. You must make your pick before the start of the first NFL game of that week. Make your selections at this website. You’re required to make a selection by the deadline. If you miss one selection you’re eliminated from the pool. No Exceptions.
  3. You’re responsible for ensuring the correct recording of your selection . Report any suspected errors before the start of your selected game. You can always check your current selection, for the week, on our website.
  4. Entries starting August 1st are $100
    Entries from July 1st to July 31st are $75
    Entries from June 1st to June 30th are $50
    Buy multiples and get in early!
  5. Selections in games that are:
    • Cancelled.
    • Not played to completion will count as a win. Regardless of the team a contestant selected. Going forward, those contestants can’t select either team from the disrupted game.
  6. In the event of more than one survivor at the season’s final week, a tie-breaker determines the winner. Every week, you must guess the combined score of the last game. The system calculates the difference between the guess and the final score for each week. The differences for each week get added up to get the season long difference. The survivor with the lowest season long difference, wins the tie breaker. If more than one survivor has the exact same difference they have to share the pot.

*Payout Max 80% of Entries. Grand Prize Up to $50,000.

NFL Survivor Pool Walkthrough

Step 1: Go to the “More” Menu

After login, follow these steps

  • Go to the menu button in the top right section of the screen
  • Select “More” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Survivor Pool” beneath the “Promos” subsection.
Select Menu

Step 2: Buy a Pool Entry


Be aware, when you click “BUY A POOL” you’re immediately entered in the Survivor Pool and debited the $100 entry fee. This fee comes out of your account balance. Only click “BUY A POOL” if you’re certain you want to enter the Survivor Pool.

Buy a Pool

Step 3: Save Your First Pick

After you purchase entry into the pool you’re directed to make your first selection. Make your pick by selecting the button next to the team name. Remember, no point spreads. You need to pick the outright winner.

Save First Pick

Step 4: Buy Another Entry

It’s possible to purchase more than one entry to the pool. Back in the pool lobby select “BUY ANOTHER POOL.”

Buy Another a Pool

Step 5: Pick a New Screen Name

Your pool entry is identifiable by your screen name. Therefore, to enter the pool for a second, third, etc. you need to create a new screen name for that entry. You need a new name for each entry.

New ScreenName

Step 6: Make a New Selection with the New Entry

For your new submission go back to Step 3 and follow the directions to make a selection.

Save anther Pick new Entry

Step 7: View Your Different Entries

If you purchase more than one entry click the drop-down button titled “Current Pools” to see a list of the different entries. Remember, each new entry has a new screen name associated with it. So, remember the new screen names you select and the picks tied to that entry.

View your Different Entries