Baseball Wagering

Baseball bets will be marked as follows:

Baseball Series Wagering

You are wagering on which team wins more of the games that are deemed official in this series of games. A series will be defined as the number of games played by the same two teams in the same stadium without either team playing a different opponent.

If the series is shorter than planned, due to a game or games that are postponed prior to being official or canceled outright, the wager will be on which team wins the greater number of the official games in the series. If both teams win the same number of official games all wagers will be no-action.

Listed pitchers

Both starting pitchers are specified. Listed pitchers must throw their first pitches for their respective teams or the bet is "No Action".


Any pitcher may start for either team. However, if there is a pitching change Action wagers will be computed with opening price of the new pitcher.

Pitcher vs. Team

You may designate the pitcher you want to start for your team regardless of the other team's starting pitcher. If the listed pitcher does not throw the first pitch the bet is "No Action."

Team vs. Pitcher

You may pick a team regardless of the starting pitcher to start against other team's designated pitcher. If the listed pitcher does not throw the first pitch the bet is "No Action."

How to Bet on Baseball

The wagering on baseball is done by laying or taking money odds. The minus - indicates the Favorite and the plus + indicates the Underdog

    White Sox +150
                Indians -160

A bettor would lay $160 to win $100 on the Indians. or the bettor can wager $100 to win $150 on the White Sox. On money odds whenever there is a minus - you lay that amount to win a dollar, where there is a plus + you get that amount for every dollar wagered.

When is a Baseball Game Official?

  • For wagering purposes, money line winners and losers are official after 5
    innings of play unless the home team is leading after 4½ innings.

If a game is called, suspended or postponed, and the Visiting team is leading, the winner is determined by the score after the last full inning (any runs scored in the top of an inning, if the Home team does not make 3 outs or take the lead in the bottom of the inning will not count toward the score, and the score will revert to the last full inning).

Monies will be refunded if the game is tied after the completion of the last full inning. Events do not carry over to a future date, only the runs scored on the date the game was scheduled (or more if the game continues past midnight) count towards the wager.

Run-line Wagers must go at least 9 full innings to be official. If, for
example, the game goes 10 full innings, it is tied, and the game is called,
suspended or postponed the game will be graded as a tie with the appropriate
winners and losers.

Special Baseball Rules:

When wagering on total runs (over/under) the game must go 9 full innings (8½ if the home team wins) to have action. If a game is called, or
suspended, the score will be determined after the last full inning. If, for
example, the game goes 10 full innings, it is tied, and the game is called,
suspended or postponed the game will be graded as a tie with the appropriate
winners and losers.

  • Rules for run line wagers are the same as those for baseball totals.
  • When betting on run-lines and totals both listed pitchers must start the game for wagers to have action.
Wagers on total runs and run lines will be refunded if:
  • Both listed pitchers do not throw at least one pitch
  • Game is not complete.

Baseball 5 Inning Rules

All wagers on baseball first 5 innings will be decided on the basis of the score at the end of five full innings. If a game does not go five full innings, all first 5 inning wagers will be canceled. More 5 Inning Baseball rules can be found in the Canceled or Postponed Games.

Boxing/MMA Wagering

How to wager on Boxing/MMA:

Wagering on boxing/mma involves laying money on a boxer/fighter or taking money odds. The minus (-) indicates the Favorite and the plus (+) indicates the Underdog.

    De La Hoya +110
                Trinidad -130

Player must lay $130 to win $100 or $13 to win $10 on Trinidad who is the Favorite. Player would wager $100 to win $110 or $10 to win $11 to win on De La Hoya, the Underdog. In the event of a draw, monies on the fight itself will be refunded. However, specific fight propositions must come as stated, such as a draw, either fighter by knockout or decision, or a specific round knockout, etc. Round propositions will be governed by the rules posted on our wagering sheets or as stated at the time of the wager. In the event that either fighters do not make the required weight but the fight goes on, the following stipulations apply: When the bell sounds for the first round, the bout will be considered official, regardless of the scheduled length or title. The bout must have the original scheduled length to have action on a rounds proposition.

  • For wagering purposes, the decision that is declared the night of the fight will be considered final, and used when grading wagers. Wagers will not be re-graded if the decision is overturned at a later point in time.

For Total Rounds betting, where half a round is stated , 1 minute 30 seconds of the following round will define the “half ” to determine under or over. For example for Over 9.5 rounds to be a winner, the fight must go over 1 minute 30 seconds of round 10. For MMA 2 minutes 30 seconds will be considered for the “half.

Golf Wagering

How to wager on Golf:

Golf matchups are based on head-to-head action between two golfers.

  Davis Love III +130
  David Duval -160
  • The matchup is based on the action for the entire duration of the tournament, unless noted otherwise at each matchup.
  • For stroke play tournaments the wager is on who will play the most holes. If both players complete the same number of holes then the player with the lowest number of strokes wins the matchup.
  • Both golfers must tee-off for there to be action. If either golfer fails to tee-off the wager will be deemed no action and all wagers will be refunded.
  • For match play tournaments the winner is the golfer who wins more holes for the duration of the match, for however long it takes.
  • A golf match-up may have a stroke handicap or spread. If the number is positive (+), then you subtract the strokes from the golfer's score. If the number is negative (-), then add those strokes to the golfer's score. The golfer with the lower score after the strokes are applied is the winner. These wagers will be graded using the difference between each golfer’s strokes. If one contestant ends with a score of 68 and the other contestant with a score of 70, the winner will be the one that scored 68, and will be declared the winner by 2 strokes.
  • For stroke play tournaments, if one contestant withdraws or is disqualified, the remaining contestant will be declared the winner.
  • Four and five round golf events must go 54 holes and three round golf events must go 36 holes for tournament match-ups and futures to have action.


  • Bets are for player to win the Tournament ( including the playoff)
  • The “ Field” includes any other player not offered by name
  • If a tournament does not go the specified number of completed holes (usually 72), and is shortened by the officials, the leader at the end of the number of holes specified by the officials will be the winner

Hockey Wagering

How to Wager on Hockey:

Wagering on Hockey involves laying money or taking money line odds. The minus - indicates the Favorite and the plus + indicates the Underdog.

A money line wager is betting on the outright winner of the match based on the final score.

A puck line wager is like football point spread betting (and exactly like baseball run line betting). Your selection plus or minus the number of goals on the puck line determines if your bet is a winner or loser.


You bet on the Devils - 1½ goals +205 (the +205 is the juice and will be explained below). The final score of the game is

    Flyers 3
                Devils 4

because you took the Devils -1½ you subtract 1½ from the Devils score and compare that to the final score of the opponent. In this case the new score would be

    Flyers 3
                Devils 2.5

You would lose your bet even though the Devils won the game.

How to Read Hockey Lines

The table below is an example of Hockey lines (odds) for a match.

Team Puck Line Money Line Total
Flyers + 1½ (-245) +120 O 5½ (-120)
Devils - 1½ (+205) -140 U 5½ (100)
  • Puck Line
    • The number of goals + or - added to your selection's score. Usually + or -
    • The juice is the number in the parenthesis after the + or - 1½. if you bet the Flyers + 1½ you would need to risk $245 to win $100. If you bet the Devils - 1½ you would get back $200 for every $100 you risk.
  • Money Line
    • The odds you lay or take on the outright winner. If you bet the Devils to win you would need to bet $140 to win $100.
  • Total
    • Will the combined score go over O or under U the number listed in the total.
    • The number in the parenthesis after the total is the juice. If you bet the over in the table above you would need to risk $120 to win $100

Note: Hockey Live is graded after regulation time and it DOES NOT include Over Time.


The official winner of the race shall be the winner of the race for wagering purposes; this includes all races which are halted prematurely for any reason.

In head-to-head matchups, both drivers must start the race in order for the wager to be considered "action".

If a starting driver who has completed at least one lap is replaced during the race by another driver for any reason, the starting driver will be awarded the finishing driver's position at the end of the race.

Soccer Wagering

Game Wagering

When wagering on soccer, we offer three-way soccer lines: Team A, Team B, and Draw (tie) are the three wagering options. The conclusion will be one winner and two losers. You must wager on the correct outcome to win.

All soccer wagers are for regulation time only. Regulation time consists of two halves of 45 minutes each, plus any time the referee adds to compensate for injuries and other stoppages. Unless otherwise specified, your wager WILL NOT include extra time and/or penalty shootout.

Unless otherwise specified, wagering on game totals (over/under) only include goals scored in regulation time. Also, a match must reach full time for wagers on game totals to be valid.

Any wagers on a game abandoned before the completion of regulation time will be void, unless the wager's outcome has already been decided at the time of abandonment (player to score first, etc).

Game dates and times posted are for guidance purposes only and are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. If a match is suspended or postponed, and an official result is declared immediately (same day) by the ruling body, the match will be graded with the result declared by the ruling body. If a match is suspended/postponed and NOT resumed within 24 hours from the actual scheduled start time, then wagers on the match will have no action and be refunded.

Any wager on whether a team advances in a cup competition or to win the cup, will have action regardless of a suspended or postponed match. Bets on teams to qualify or to advance to the next round of a competition are paid out on the referee's final whistle at the game's natural conclusion, whether the game is decided in regulation time, extra time or in penalty shootout.

Proposition Wagering

All proposition bets are for regulation time only. This includes the following props:

  1. Correct score: predict the correct final score of the game.
  2. First player to score: you must correctly predict the player to score the first goal of the match. Own goals count.
  3. Player to score at any time: correctly predict a player to score at any time in 90 minutes of play + injury time (regulation time). If a player does not participate in the match, then all wagers on that specific player will be graded as no action and monies will be reimbursed.
  4. First half betting: wagers on the first half of a soccer match include 45 minutes of play plus any stoppage time added by the referee at the end of the first half. If the first half is not completed, wagers shall be canceled and monies returned.
  5. Soccer Live betting (In-game betting): Wagers accepted while soccer live betting is being offered include all goals already scored in the game up to the point the wager is made. Soccer live wagers will be decided based on regulation time only. It does not include periods of extra time nor penalty shootouts. If a game is suspended before full time is reached, all wagers on soccer live betting will be cancelled and monies will be reimbursed.

We cannot guarantee that odds will be offered at any specific time during the match; odds will not regularly be offered after the 80th minute of play. We also reserves the right to cancel any soccer live wager made on an obvious "bad" line due to software or human error.

Soccer Futures

  1. Odds to win: Bets are for the outright winner of a specific tournament, cup or league. An ultimate winner must be declared for wagers to have action.
  2. Top Goal Scorer: The bets for top goal scorer of a tournament, cup or league will include only the goals scored by a specific player in a specific league. If the player changes to a team from a different country during a transfer window (or at any point), only the goals he scored in the original tournament, cup or league will count.
  1. If Wayne Rooney starts the tournament with Manchester United and scores 10 goals, but gets transferred to Barcelona during the January transfer window, only the goals scored in the Premier League will count.
  2. If Wayne Rooney starts the tournament with Manchester United and gets transferred to Liverpool, all goals scored with both teams count.

All top goal scorer futures include a Tie option and a Field option. You must wager on the correct outcome to win.

Asian Handicap

An Asian Handicap is a sports betting term used to describe spread betting in soccer. Described as Asian because of its Eastern origins, the phrase actually has little to do with the region. This form of soccer betting has gained increased popularity over the last few years and is now offered by a variety of mainstream bookmakers.

Football bets can be made using a few different formats. From a gambler's standpoint, Asian handicap odds provide many benefits. For starters, the Asian handicap system eliminates any chance for loss due to a tie, which increases the gamblers chances of success. Secondly, bookmakers typically charge less for these than other bets.

Soccer is one of the few sports in the world where a tie is a fairly common outcome. With traditional fixed odds, ties are treated as an additional outcome to the game. In other words, bettors lose when they place a wager on either team to win and the game ties. With Asian Handicaps, however, the chance for a tie is eliminated by use of a handicap that forces a winner. This creates a situation where each team has a 50-50 chance of winning; similar to the odds for a basketball or baseball game where a tie is impossible.

This system works in a straight-forward manner. The bookmakers's goal is to create a handicap or "line" that will make the chance of either team winning (considering the handicap) as close to 50% as possible. Since the odds are as close to 50% as possible, bookmakers offer payouts close to even money, or 1.90 to 2.00. Asian Handicaps start at a quarter goal and can go as high as 2.5 or 3 goals in matches with a huge disparity in ability. What makes Asian Handicaps most interesting is the use of quarter goals to get the "line" as close as possible. Taken in conjunction with the posted total for the game, the handicap essentially predicts the game's final score. Take a look at this example:

Match: Everton vs. Newcastle United

Handicap: 0 : 1½

Explained: This handicap states that Newcastle is "giving" Everton one and one half goal for the match. This means is that Everton is starting the game with a 1.5-0 lead. If the final score of the game is 1-2, then a bet on Everton wins the with the final score (considering handicap) as 2.5-2.

Quarter Handicaps

Subsequently, many matches are handicapped in ½ and ¼ intervals; both of which eliminate the possibility of a tie since no one can score a half-goal. Quarter ¼ handicaps split the bet between the two next closest ¼ intervals. For instance, a $1000 bet with a handicap of 1¾ is the same as betting $500 at 1½ and $500 at 2. With ¼ handicap bets, you can win and tie (win ½ of wager) or lose and tie (lose ½ wager).

Whole Handicaps and Ties

Handicaps that are whole numbers still allow for the possibility of a tie. In the event of a game tied by the handicap, We will refund the "tying" wager(s).

Soccer wagering limits

The following limits apply on the day of the match:

  • Major Leagues -> $1000 max wager on spreads and money lines, $500 on totals.
  • Minor Leagues -> $300 max wager on all sides and totals.
Group Country/League Limit
Soccer Americas Argentina 300
Soccer Americas Brazil 300
Soccer Americas Brazil 2D 300
Soccer Americas Chile 300
Soccer Americas Mexico 300
Soccer Americas USA 1000
Soccer Europe Austria 300
Soccer Europe Belgium 300
Soccer Europe Croatia 300
Soccer Europe Czech Republic 300
Soccer Europe Denmark 300
Soccer Europe England 1000
Soccer Europe England 2D 300
Soccer Europe England 3D 300
Soccer Europe England 4D 300
Soccer Europe Finland 300
Soccer Europe Finland 2D 300
Soccer Europe France 1000
Soccer Europe France 2D 300
Soccer Europe Germany 1000
Soccer Europe Germany 2D 300
Soccer Europe Greece 300
Soccer Europe Ireland 300
Soccer Europe Ireland 2D 300
Soccer Europe Italy 1000
Soccer Europe Italy 2D 300
Soccer Europe Netherlands 1000
Soccer Europe Netherlands 2D 300
Soccer Europe Norway 300
Soccer Europe Poland 300
Soccer Europe Portugal 300
Soccer Europe Portugal 2D 300
Soccer Europe Romania 300
Soccer Europe Russia 300
Soccer Europe Scotland 300
Soccer Europe Scotland 2D 300
Soccer Europe Spain 1000
Soccer Europe Spain 2D 300
Soccer Europe Sweden 300
Soccer Europe Sweden 2D 300
Soccer Europe Switzerland 300
Soccer Europe Turkey 300
Soccer Europe Wales 300
Soccer Other AFC 300
Soccer Other Australia 300
Soccer Other CAF 300
Soccer Other China 300
Soccer Other Club World Cup 1000
Soccer Other CONCACAF 1000
Soccer Other CONMEBOL 1000
Soccer Other Friendlies 300
Soccer Other Japan 300
Soccer Other Japan 2D 300
Soccer Other Korea 300
Soccer Other OFC 300
Soccer Other Vietnam 300
Soccer UEFA Champions 1000[^fn]
Soccer UEFA Euro Cup 1000[^fn]
Soccer UEFA Euro League 1000[^fn]
Soccer World Cup U17 World Cup 300[^fn]
Soccer World Cup U20 World Cup 300[^fn]
Soccer World Cup WC Finals 1000[^fn]
Soccer World Cup Womens 1000[^fn]
Soccer World Cup Womens U20 300[^fn]
Soccer Special Olympics 1000

[^fn]: Depending on stage

Tennis Wagering

Retirement or Disqualification:

Head to Head Matchups:

Two full sets must be completed for your wagers to stand. If less than 2 sets are completed, all wagers will be considered void.


Federer 6-3, 4-6, 2-0 (Roddick is retired due to injury). All wagers will stand. Federer is declared the winner and Roddick is deemed the loser.

Federer 6-3, 2-0 (Roddick is retired due to injury). All wagers will be considered void.

Totals Betting:

Bets are for the total number of games played in the match. The match must be completed for action. In the event of retirement, disqualification or change of surface mid-match, bets will be void.

Sets Betting:

When a tennis match is not completed because of a player retirement or disqualification, all Set wagers will be considered void. Such wagers will be canceled and money is refunded.

Prop Betting:

If a tennis match is not completed because of a player retirement or disqualification, all Prop wagers will be considered void. Such wagers will be canceled and the money is refunded, with some exceptions that pertain to the completion of an individual set.

  • To Win 1st Set (Must Complete 1st Set)
  • Correct Score of 1st Set (Must complete 1st Set)

Delay or Suspension:

If a tennis match is completed, all the wagers will stand as written. A delay in the start of a match will not affect the standing of the wagers, nor will a suspension, as long as play is resumed and the match is completed.

In the event a match does not go the specified number of sets, and the match is shortened by tournament officials, the leader determined to be official by tournament officials shall be the winner.


A match is scheduled for 5 sets, but only 3 sets can be played because of weather and the leader at the end of 3 sets is declared the winner of the match.

Futures (Ante post) Betting:

All futures (Ante post) bets have action. Should a player withdraw before a tournament begins, bets on that player to win the tournament, lose.

Change of Venue or Playing Surface:

If the venue or playing surface for a match is changed, the wagering odds for match bets will then be adjusted. Match bets placed at the pre-adjustment odds are then void. Futures or Ante post wagers will stand.